What does QooQoo do?

For all those who are looking for a restaurant !

Don't know where to eat? Easy, just ask QooQoo !

In one click discover the restaurants around you that offer menus and daily specials.

You can get the information according to your preferences of price, distance, type of cuisine, diet ...

For restaurateurs who offer good food !

QooQoo allows you to publish your daily offers of meals of the day and menus.

This way, you reach people who regularly look for local restaurant offers.

Why use QooQoo ?

The right solution to know where and what to eat.

With QooQoo, break the monotony and vary the pleasures.

Discover instantly the available dishes without having to consult each restaurant one by one.

Receive every day by email the good meals proposed around you.

The right solution to discover your kitchen.

Thanks to QooQoo you increase the visibility of your restaurant.

You make it known to people who live or work in the neighborhood.

You attract the tourists who discover your city.

QooQoo proposes your meals and menus to new potential customers.

By publishing your offers on QooQoo, you make people want to come to your restaurant.

Moreover, stand out from your competitors and remain attractive for gourmets who want to eat close to their work or home.