Why use QooQoo ?

Easily double your visibility !

Push on facebook

Share on Facebook the menus published on QooQoo.

It is tedious to publish the same information in several places... on your website, on your Facebook page, or even on other media... When you publish on QooQoo, you can post in 1 click your daily special on the Facebook page of your restaurant. You save repetitive actions and time !

  • Create a daily special on QooQoo
  • Click on share
  • Publish on Facebook
  • Your subscribers are informed, ready to like!

A unique experience for your customers
in complete safety!

The digital menu is ideal to secure your activity

The digital QooQoo menu is very easy to set up. It is created automatically when you add your dishes. As it is dynamic, your customers are aware of your offers instantly. Above all, it avoids unnecessarily exposing your team and customers to unnecessary manipulation of your traditional menus.

  • Ultra simple accessibility thanks to your QR code
  • Une expérience sécurisante pour rassurer vos clients
  • Valuable help for your team
  • A unique enhancement of your dishes
Digital menu

1,2,3,... you have several restaurants

One account to manage all your restaurants

With QooQoo you create a single account that allows you to manage all your restaurants. You save time to publish and follow up your restaurant offers.

  • A common QooQoo account
  • Centralized and simplified management
  • Creation of as many restaurants as necessary
  • Multi-site management for restaurant chains
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