Cookies policy

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is the equivalent of a small text file, stored on your interface when you visit a website. They enable us to keep data about the user of the site in order to facilitate navigation and to enable certain functionalities. For example, they allow to save your preferences (languages, identifiers, etc.) to improve your navigation.


During your visit to this site, we ask you to accept the use of cookies. You are free to accept or refuse. However, if you refuse, you can still access the site, but we cannot guarantee that it will function properly.

Duration of a cookie

The cookies generated by this site have a lifetime of 12 months on your interface. However, at any time, you can delete them manually from your web browser settings.

Our use of cookies

The proper functioning of the QooQoo website requires the use of cookies to keep your preferences and browsing settings, especially when creating a restaurant account.

They are useful to display the site directly in the language of your browser or to keep your choice concerning the management of cookies on QooQoo.

This is in any case not a way to spy on you or to track you, for advertising or other purposes.

Setting the use of cookies

Cookies can be set in your browser in general or for a specific site.

To find out how to do this, please refer to your browser's user guide.

More information on the use of cookies by the QooQoo website ?

If you have any questions that we have not answered, please send us your request through the contact form or by email to We will reply as shortly as possible.